[NTLK] Rugby scorekeeping app (was [ot][soccer][or football][whatever])

From: James Elliott (james.elliott_at_newted.org)
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 14:31:17 EDT

>Something I've not figured out is why Rugby hasn't gotten more (any)
>airtime US TV...? Is it because we're embarrassed by all the pads we
>wear when we play rough sports?

Yeah. I have only ever seen it on a couple of FOX Sports channels,
which I don't get, since I lack cable.

>OK, Newton, yea, i forgot... Does anyone have a Soccer (or rugby) world
>cup bracket NewtonBook?
>Joe Anthenat ><>

This would be cool, as would be a scorekeeping app. When my pals and
I play rugby, we almost always lose track of the score and don't keep
time. An app with a timer in the corner and a some buttons to keep
score would be great. For instance, a pair of buttons for a try.
One for each team. You tap one and then are presented with a pair of
boxes (yes and no) regarding a successful conversion. There would
also be buttons for drop goals, etc. That's be great. Could someone
whip that up?


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