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From: Dale Steele (
Date: Wed Jun 12 2002 - 21:16:55 EDT

That means there are at least two of us doing so in the US. It isn't
easy and in the middle of baseball season no less. I decided I'd give
it a go after the Kings were robed out of the NBA title (any one
going to take the bait on that?)

p.s. there is a free Palm app that tracks and organizes all the
current World Cup activity. I'd like to see a few Newton apps like

>on 6/12/02 1:51 PM, Rich Lindsay at wrote:
>> with the vast nationalities represented in this community I thought we=20=
>> could have some fun with the World Cup.........
>Do you mean.... that someone in the US is actually...... paying.....
>attention to the World Cup????!!!!!!!!! Unbelievable!! Rich, you must be the
>first and only!!!
>Jon Glass
>Krakow, Poland
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