Re: [NTLK] A question of Connection.....

From: Darius Zendeh (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 04:47:00 EDT

Dear Helene,

please check if you have set AppleTalk to use EtherTalk. (On your Newton: Extras/Prefs/AppleTalk)

Regards, Darius. (powered by MP2100)
All your Newton are belong to us.

>Hello everybody,
>I am pretty new to newton. Got my 2000 (upgraded2100) 2 weeks ago and a
>bunch of other Newton. Yes I have now the NewtVirus.. Anyway, I received
>today my 3com ethernet PC card and was able to surf the Net in notime,
>BUT, I cannot establish a connection with my Macs via my internal
>network. Few Macs connected to the cable and together via a cable router
>Ugate 3200. I setup the 2000 to appletalk and the same in the NCU pref
>on the mac , etc....but nothing work. The MP2000 looks for MacOS
>computers ...and nothing. Please help.
>P.S. Is somebody on the list speaking French by any chance?

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