Re: [NTLK] Brain Surgery

From: Bernie A. Goltermann (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 04:28:24 EDT


>If you try to correct this by tapping below the lowest cross and then draw a
>straight trail in sketch mode in the notepad horizontally across the screen
>it will curve up and around the right corner - which is where I have some
>tiny shiny marks.
>It's like a contour line avoiding the "damage".
I can duplicate your line curve on mine. I see two very small shiny
marks about an 1/8 up from the bottom of the screen and starting from
the right hand side about 3/8 and another 1/2 from that one toward the left.

Gary Moody wrote:

>Ditto, same issue, same place. Thinking that it was some impacted crap
>between the screen and the frame, I tried to clean it out. What I've
>noticed is the clearance in this area is *very* tight. I still suspect a
>mechanical issue related to the frame pressing on the screen in the lower
>left corner. I've written to DOD (Dr. Newton), but have had no reply as
Maybe its an issue from holding it the same way repeatedly. When holding
the Newt (right handed) I tend to hold it with my left thumb right below
the area that's effected ( between the microphone and the Apple logo.)
So I tend to think Gary is on the right track about the frame pressing
on the lower left corner.

I've been courageous enough to swap logic boards between Newts but
haven't gone "down" to the screen layer yet. Any one got any insight or
can point me were I can get some more info about taking it apart that far.


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