Re: [NTLK] Using A.C. & rechargable Batteries?

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 08:48:42 EDT

on 6/13/02 2:11 PM, eric engle at wrote:

> 1) Is it safe to use the A.C. power while the
> batteries are installed? I _presume it is, but do not
> want to find out the hard way otherwise...
> 2) Do rechargable batteries recharge when the newton
> a.c. adaptor is used, i.e. if it is safe to use the
> internal batteries and an external a.c. adaptor
> together will I get the added bonus of a recharge?

It all depends. Do you want the AC adapter to charge the batteries inside
the Newton, or do you prefer to run off of power, and not risk the memory
effect on your Nicads? I assume you are using NiCADs. :-)

If you want to charge these batteries inside the Newton, open the battery
bay, and pull out the batteries. Underneath, you will see a little black
button. If you can push that button down, and hold it down, the Newton will
assume that you have NiCAD rechargeables inside, and charge them when you
plug into AC power. The simplest trick is to fold up a piece of paper so
it's stiff and fits under the batteries, and put the batteries on top of it,
so that it holds that button down. Now, when you plug in, the batteries will
charge. Since it's a simple slip of paper, you can pull it out when you
don't want to charge when you are plugged in. HTH.

-Jon Glass
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