[NTLK] Re[2]: Re[2]: Re[2]: Convincing argument against MS

From: Bradford Schmidt (brad_at_bradfordschmidt.com)
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 11:13:58 EDT

 Thursday, June 13, 2002, 9:55:05 AM, Eric wrote:

> I guess one question is, if Apple had waited a year (which, BTW, has
> provided them a year's worth of user feedback) and released 10.1 as the
> initial release, would your beef about the older Rage hardware seem as
> large? What would your response be, looking at the improved support in
> 10.1.5? After all, they're *almost* there now.

OK - Just to clarify my position: this thread was originally an
anti-MS rant. I made a few points about the OS X releases and release
dates, and drivers etc NOT to simply bash Apple, but to demonstrate
that it's not black and white IN MY OPINION.

Both companies chase profits, both companies do things that they
believe will best serve their bottom line. Just Because some people
have a philosophical aversion to the way MS does business as opposed
to Apple doesn't change that, nor does it change the fact that BOTH
companies end up screwing some of the users some of the time
(MS-haters may say all of the time :-)).

By the way - I think I would have put OS X out there about the same
time as well. Perhaps I would have suggested waiting to upgrade older
machines though, before people (uh, like me) ponied up the 100 bux for
an OS that at the time of its initial release was really pretty slow
on my G4, and unusable on my G3's. I think the first usable version
was like 10.0.4 (was that it? Anyone?)


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