Re: [NTLK] WaveLAN Driver 1.0

From: John Ruschmeyer (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 12:55:22 EDT

I don't think that the Bronze is a currently shipping product, soI'm not
sure that you can find one outside of eBay or some other seller of
used/NOS equipment.

IIRC, the Bronze is limited to 5mb and the Bronze Turbo to 8mb and has
no support for WEP.

Within those limits, though, the one I have seems to also work well with
the WaveLAN driver and makes for an inexpensive entry to 802.11b networking.


P.S. $30 seems like a great deal. My cheapest was $50 and that was a
year ago.

Jeffrey M. Swiger wrote:
> I got the BRONZE card at the Dayton Hamvention.. I'd like to get at
> least one more myself.. If you find it can you be sure to post the
> site?... Many thanks!!!
> The Cost at the swap was $30.00 for the Bronze WaveLAN.....Jeff
> On Thursday, June 13, 2002, at 12:08 PM, Lee, Christopher J wrote:
>>Does anyone know of a place besides e-Bay to pick up one of these
>>cards a
>>reasonable price?

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