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From: Brian Peck (Research/Library) (
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 13:11:24 EDT

Richard wrote:
"Once again, "two countries divided by a a common tongue". In UK and
other English speaking countries 'hockey' is a game played on a grass
field (far less exciting). 'Ice hockey' is what we call USA 'hockey'. ...
Rugby is very popular in countries like Argentina, France, Italy,
South Africa, Australia and most notably New Zealand. It is not quite
as international as football, but it is still more international than
Baseball and American football."

Actually in many parts of the US we call it "ice hockey" as well. Field
hockey is popular in some parts of the country, though not here in North
Carolina (that I know of). I've known quite a few rugby players, but that is
mostly played by college students.

I did attend a small college where we played cricket. I was never much good
at it, but had fun none-the-less. The UK and US are indeed "two countries
divided by a common tongue", but then the US is a single country with the
same problem. I moved from the West (Arizona) to the South (North Carolina)
and it was a greater culture shock than the 6 months I spent as a student in
York, England.


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