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Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 13:47:55 EDT

>Oay in the name of Jehosephat do you actually PLAY Cricket? What
>are the rules?

It's like baseball with the 4 bases folded in to only two bases which
you run between. Consequently there is no such thing as a home run.
There are no strike outs either. You can just sit there without
hitting a ball for hours if you want but the bowler (thrower) will
probably manage to hit the wicket (the wooden stumps at each end of
the 'crease') with the ball in which case the batsman (hitter) is out
and must be replaced by the next man in the team. Two batsmen are
active at anyone time. The team which scores more runs when all (but
one) of its batsmen are out wins. You can be caught, bowled, LBW
('leg before wicket' i.e. shielding the stumps with your leg) or run

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