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> Rugby is very popular in countries like Argentina, France, Italy,
> South Africa, Australia and most notably New Zealand. It is not quite
> as international as football, but it is still more international than
> Baseball and American football.

Ok, so how did it get into these countries--with the exception of France?
Yep. The good ole British Empire. You exported your game to your colonies.
Look at baseball, for instance. It's popular in the Western hemisphere (look
at Cuba, for instance) and in Japan also. It's not entirely US-bound. Of
course, these other countries haven't yet fielded a team that can quite
compete at the major league level--at least enough to play in the World
Series, but I'm sure it will come someday. Can't wait for the day Castro
isn't in charge of Cuba. :-) BTW, don't they play American football in
Germany? I thought there was a European league...

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