[NTLK] WriteRight replacements from Strong Engineering?!

From: Gary Moody (gmoody_at_gmx.net)
Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 14:53:38 EDT

I was cruising eBay, and saw an auction for screen protectors for
telephones, Palms, like that. The auction bragged that "We cover
everything", so I went to the site. I don't particularly like the stiff
screen protectors (i.e. RoadRunner or their replacements) and have been
hoarding my remaining WriteRights for 2 years.

Okay, they have screen protectors for the 2X00 and the eMate.
Hmmm...cost...12 sheets for...$8.95!!?! Must be a misprint...no...it's
correct. Okay, they must be inferior to the original WriteRights...but at
$8.95? What the hell...ordered some for both the 2X00 and eMate.

Got them in...they're good, arguably as good as the original WriteRights.
The adhesive is not as strong/persistent as WriteRights - a good thing.
Cover the whole screen, not just most of it. They even have a little tab
(upper-left or lower-right corner) for easy removal. Not bad! We'll see
how durable they are, but at this price I could change them out every 2
weeks and still be cheaper than WriteRights were. I'll report results in 2
weeks and a month of use.

Check it out at http://www.strongengineering.com.



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