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Date: Thu Jun 13 2002 - 20:44:48 EDT

>Football is a British sport. The Brits are good at inventing sports
>that the rest of the world beats them at. ;-)

Owch! the truth hurts. I think we keep inventing games in the hope
that we will eventually contrive one at which we are good. Perhaps
Bruce, Dmitri, Imran, Juan, Fritz, and Hank should give us a head
start for having invented the game in the first place <-( In fact,
we do moderately well at an unusually huge range of sports. We
occasionally beat the Italians and Germans at motor racing, the
Norwegians and Yanks at sailing, the Spanish at golf, the Indians and
Australians at cricket, everybody at rowing, but nobody at winter
sports (except the bloody curling!). I am glad that we take part in
just about everything, even if we seldom win. There is no dishonour
in doing your best.

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