Re: [NTLK] WriteRight replacements from Strong Engineering?!

From: Gary Moody (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 00:09:30 EDT

Well, the visibility is very good, better than the WriteRights. There is a
bit of tradeoff...The 2nd generation of WriteRights had a non-glare coating,
which somewhat hindered visibility and clarity. The Strong Engineering
replacements have no more non-glare than the unprotected screen, so the
clarity and visibility is excellent. But, although little empirical
evidence has been collected thus far, the glare may be somewhat of an issue
in brightly lighted areas. More as testing continues...



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Do the replacements from Strong Engineering cut down on the visibility
of the Newton? There was an earlier thread where folks said the NuShield
makes the Newton screen a little bit dark, hampering visibility and
making users turn on backlighting more frequently. I admit that it
happens to me. So I am curious about how these make the Newton "look"....


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On Thursday, June 13, 2002, at 01:53 PM, Gary Moody wrote:

> I was cruising eBay, and saw an auction for screen protectors for
> telephones, Palms, like that. The auction bragged that "We cover
> everything", so I went to the site. I don't particularly like the stiff
> screen protectors (i.e. RoadRunner or their replacements) and have been
> hoarding my remaining WriteRights for 2 years.
> Okay, they have screen protectors for the 2X00 and the eMate.
> Hmmm...cost...12 sheets for...$8.95!!?! Must be a's
> correct. Okay, they must be inferior to the original WriteRights...but
> at
> $8.95? What the hell...ordered some for both the 2X00 and eMate.
> Got them in...they're good, arguably as good as the original
> WriteRights.
> The adhesive is not as strong/persistent as WriteRights - a good thing.
> Cover the whole screen, not just most of it. They even have a little
> tab
> (upper-left or lower-right corner) for easy removal. Not bad! We'll
> see
> how durable they are, but at this price I could change them out every 2
> weeks and still be cheaper than WriteRights were. I'll report results
> in 2
> weeks and a month of use.
> Check it out at
> Regards,
> Gary

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