[NTLK] FS: Newton 2100 with Implant Accelerator...$350 OBO

From: Drew Loker (lokerd_at_hotmail.com)
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 04:17:31 EDT

Update: I realized after a couple of replies that I did not even put what range I was looking for.

I am hoping to sell everything for $350. This may seem a bit high with what basic Newtons are going for, but please keep in mind that this is Newton has the Implant Accel installed, with a performance factor of about 40%-60% increase. http://pixsolution.com/products.html#2000. This is a $160 value (including the item, installation, plus shipping to/from Germany), not to mention all of the other acces. I also found and will include a copy of Intelisync 4.0 I just bought. One thing I could not find was he zip disk of newton stuff...I think I copied everything over to the CDRW, which is stuffed full of EVERYTHING known to Newton.

Please let me know if you are interested. I will be posting this to Ebay with a reserve of $350, but would much rather sell to somebody on this list. Please respond
privately as I am set to vacation mode on list.


Here is a complete listing from the original post:
- Newton 2100 (upgraded 2000)
- Implant accel.the best asset of this Newton as it makes things fast enough
to get things done. Accel must be turned off for some things, like
connecting to computer, beaming or hooking up a keyboard, etc., but the
usefulness of the accel. is well worth it.
- 16mb PCMCIA Card
- 8mb PCMCIA Card
- 6mb PCMCIA Card
- 28.8 modem USRobotics Megahertz XJA3288 PC Card Modem with XJack
Connector, Cellular Ready (no dongle required) fax capable.
- 2 Interconnect Dongles
- 2 Power supplies (1-7w, 1-9w)- ideal for one at the office, one at home or
for trips.
- Rechargeable battery, condition is ok, but I have used it on a powersupply
for the majority of it's past two years of existence.
- 3 Stands (2 horizontal, 1 Vertical. Homemade but very effective, painted
- Cables for both pc and mac (3 PC, 2 are home made, and 1 Mac)
- Leather trim and cloth case: one of the best cases out there.fits the
Newton perfectly! A bit worn at the corners, but still very useful and
attractive, in my opinion.

- Tons of software: Full compliment of Stand Alone Programs like
SuperNames, DateMan, SuperNotes, SoundSleep, etc. 3 Bible translations,
Pocket Quicken, Action Names, Quick Figure Pro, tons of freeware, with all
the recent updates. I could list out everything, but suffice it to say, this
Newton has just about everything you can imagine, and still lots of room for
more (the 16mb card is only about half full). Most of the shareware
installed is registered. Unfortunately, if the owner name changes, many of
the paid for sharewares will terminate. You will be able to contact Ben at
Stand Alone and get new codes. He has said he will transfer ownership. Or
just keep the owner name the same...it really will not affect anything. I
just recently bought the software to beam to and from Palm and Newton. The
owner said he would transfer also. Some of the other shareware I previously
paid for maybe more difficult to get new registrations, like the NIV Bible
translation that required registration, but it is paid for nevertheless, and
I think will work with a new owner name. There is a lot of other stuff, some
of which is listed out at the end of the note, but, like I said, there is a
ton of stuff to make this Newton as useful as it possibly can be.

Other items included:
- Old door that I repaired and actually still use. I have even put the new
one on.
- Numerous unused screen protectors. Although home made, very effective. I
precut them 4-8 at a time and will provide you with a template you can
easily make them yourself.
- PCMCIA Empty Slot cards (4)
- Some Manuals for Newton and some of the commercial software.
- 2100 Upgrade CD
- Original installation disks for some of the commercial software.
- CDRW (PC format with Mac and PC stuff) full of software.

Status of Newton:
Excellent. Minimal wear on the casing of the Newton itself.and actually has
a brand new cover/lid. I have kept really good care of this unit. The screen
has only one slight scratch and a tiny nick. As soon as the scratch
happened, I have covered the screen ever since. There are two slight wear
marks where the up and down arrows are near the top of the screen from when
I primiarly used the machine in the horizontal orientation. With the screen
protector on, none of the marks are noticeable nor have any impact. The
rubberized coating is for the most part intact, except for a little around
the corners.

Operation is really stable. I have long since worked out any bugs. The unit,
as it is with it's currently installed software, rarely crashes. I will wipe
the Newt memory clean if the buyer wants, but installing software is a
tedious process as you pretty much need to install one package at a time and
see if it is going to work. I am speaking of course if you don't want to use
the software I have installed and want to explore the multitude of software
on the disks that I have. Some of which I have tried and didn't work with
something I already had installed or, didn't work at all. I generally tried
to keep only Stand Alone as the main apps. There are many, many cool
freeware system enhancements that make this Netwon a powerful and efficient
tool, and it all works great. The internet works great using NetHopper. I
have placed bids form Ebay, browsed stock report pages, etc. SimpleMail is
installed and works. Lookout is installed and works. The software for a 3com
network card is installed, but frozen as I just recently sold the Newtork
card.but the card work. Faxing works great in send and receive mode, etc. In
my opinion, this Newton is one of the most capable PDAs you could possibly
buy. I have spend hundreds of hours getting this just right.

Why am I selling?
For a variety of reasons. Partly due to company software that is only on the
Palm. Several months ago, I purchased a Palm Vx, and I have just simply
gotten used to it. Actually, let me restate that. I use my laptop for
everything and the Palm syncs with it. Even though the Palm is on my hip, I
avoid entering data directly into it as it just sucks for data entry. So the
reality is, I need some money. I am buying a $2,000 digital camera in a
couple of weeks and need to raise the money and am selling numerous items,
such as my long trusted Newton.

Why should you buy?
If you are thinking about a Newton, but are still not sold on whether you
should get something that fits in your shirt pocket or something that can
actually manage your schedule, there is no question which you should get.
The Newton is incredible because of the way it handles scheduling and
schedule changes, not to mention notes and names. For quite some time,
primarily while I was a field rep, my Newton was indispensable. If your
schedule takes you different places and you are always on the go with a
changing schedule, the Newton is for you. If you leave the office and just
need to be reminded the order of events for the day, and nothing much
changes, and you aren't having to change your schedule in the field or even
in the office. Then you should get a Palm Pilot. The point is when it comes
to scheduling.there is NO COMPARRISON.the Newton is the hands down winner.

Thanks for everything!!! This group has been awesome. Thanks for any
reasonable offers.


Some of the other stuff installed (still not listing everything thing):
Numerous mods (sounds) and mod player
Alarm Clock (a cool program to assist with travel needs)
Various stationeries
Big Book (AAnonymous)
Avail Works
Drug Info
Freq Alloc (for Ham Radio)
King James and NIV (RSV on disk)
Lectionary (Dictionary)
ObEx Transport
Pocket Quicken
Point Pro (Power Point)
SBM Utilities
Sign language assistant
Small Talk (with Spanish translation installed)
Works and Works Better

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