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Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 08:08:18 EDT

Chris Ruprecht said at =D2Re: [NTLK] [newtontalk] GEMEnterprises=D3.
[14/06/2002Ven 13:35]

> Hey Gwen,
> There must be Mac shops in France - just go and get a standard Mac
> serial cable (printer cable for older Macs to older Mac Printers). That
> should work, and they shouldn't be more than E$5.

No, I have this kind of cables, I need a Newton to PC cable because I want
to use the MP130 with my Powerbook G3 (Bronze) and an a Keyspan USB PDA
Adapter. Now, I use the eMate with my G3 powerbook and my 130 with my Duo
210 Powerbook :-)

But, I have found how to build this kind cable on the net and I am going to
cut on of my Mac cable to make such newton to PC cable. It's easy.


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