[NTLK] Is my emate an upgraded one?

From: john_fraser_at_mac.com
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 09:06:39 EDT

I took the bottom off my emate 300 yesterday to replace the battery (aka refurbished the battery) and I noticed a chip in=
 the left slot (as you are looking at the unit upsidedown and with the handel away from you). The chip says Newer on it =
and it was slightly ajar in the slot. After removeing the battery I placed took the chip out and then placed it correctl=
y in the slot.

The unit says it has 4MB of system ram. I guess I use my 2000 and 130 more than my emate (more of a collectors item) so =
I never really was paying attention before I resat the upgrade card.

Can someone tell me if I have the emate upgrade?

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