Re: [NTLK] MP2100 in eMate body & screen?

From: Stephanie Maks (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 09:27:39 EDT

This would be great, but alas it would not work, I think. I'd love to have
the power of an MP2100 inside an eMate also... fast StrongARM chip, two
PCMCIA ports, and so on...

It would perhaps be possible to totally dissassemble an MP2x00 and mount it
inside an eMate shell, but you would still have to use the MP2x00's screen.
The eMate's screen connector is quite different. Perhaps the components are
electronically compatible, then it's just a question of adapting the eMate
screen connector to fit into the MP2x00's board, but this would be a small
challenge in itself.

Also, the MP2x00 has no built in keyboard (and no way to add one). The
eMate keyboard cannot be connected to the MP2x00. So you could get an
external keyboard and try and squish it into the enclosure as well, but it
would need the one and only serial port on the MP.

It might be an interesting challenge-project, but I wouldn't do it unless
you had a couple MP2x00's and could afford to risk destroying one. There's
also a lot of mechanical considerations, such as accessing the PCMCIA slots,
power / reset buttons, IR port, etc.


> I have a MP2100 that has a bad screen, and I have a few assorted broken
> eMates. I had thought about cannabalizing all the eMates into one good
> one, but I was wondering if anyone has ever put the guts of a MP into an
> eMate? Is it totally impossible? I switched from my MP2100 to an
> upgraded eMate a couple of years ago because the screen is easier for me
> to see, and I like to type. I have alway missed the speed difference.
> Especially when I am with some of my co-workers who still use MPs. I
> have enough spare stuff that I could easily try this. Any comments . . .
> .
> Glenn Roe

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