[NTLK] Avaya Silver card (was Wireless confusion)

From: Tom Zahm (tpzahm_at_mac.com)
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 10:49:10 EDT

> On June 06 2002, Donald Wilson <marchie_at_mac.com> wrote:
> <snip>
> >I'm interested in buying a card, but when I search for Lucent
> WaveLAN, I
> >get Orinoco cards. Are these the same things? Will either the Orinoco
> >Silver or Orinoco Gold work?
> >
> >~Donald Wilson
> >
> >
> Yes they will/should.
> Likewise Avaya which I think is a subsidiary of Orinoco.
> Regards
> Phil Denton

Mr. Denton otherwise sound advice is wrong in the case of Avaya.

I recently purchased an "Avaya Wireless Silver World Card", P/N
016064/B, also labeled "Lucent Technologies PC24E-H-FC". When
inserted into the Newton, it says that it doesn't recognize this kind of
card. I have confirmed via the FAQ on Avaya's website that it has a
different hardware ID than the older Orinoco cards.

I have a call into their Technical Support to find out how different the
driver is. If it's just a matter of accommodating the different
hardware ID, then perhaps Mr. Hirochi Noguchi can add it to his driver.

BTW, Avaya is a spinoff of Lucent.

Yours in Newtondom,
Tom Zahm

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