Re: [NTLK] Alignment on "Mike's Newts"

From: Bernie A. Goltermann (
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 14:58:07 EDT

Verena, I hope your first Newt doesn't exhibit this problem. The odds
don't seem to good right now though for any of these unit's coming from
Mike. This sure is a weird problem with so many units effected in the
same way. Depending on the severity of the problem it can be a nuisance
or a real pain. Some fiddling with the alignment can help a little bit
but it's no fun having to remember to tap above or below an icon to get
the expected results. With so many of use looking into it hopefully
we'll discover a fix. Good Luck...


Verena Hamburger wrote:

>hi fellow sufferer,
>I also bought one of mike's 90$ mp2100s. I think I'll get it this
>weekend. Hearing about this alignment problem, I hope that mine won't be
>affected, but unfortunately as it seem all those newts have this curios
>problem. How severe is it? I mean, am I right, that you can't write or
>touch anything in the affected region? It's my first newt, so that
>doesn't make me feel very lucky....

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