[NTLK] [ANN] The Fish (Notes encrypter)

From: Eckhart Koeppen (eck1000_at_gmx.net)
Date: Fri Jun 14 2002 - 17:59:49 EDT

Hello there,

here's something new for you to play with: The Fish is a
Blowfish-based utility to encrypt and decrypt any Note. The goal is
to have something fast and easy to use so it does not get into the
way when storing sensitive data. It comes with a password list
stationery. I've tested it only on a MP2100, but technically,
there's nothing to prevent it from running on any MessagePad with
OS 2.0. In good tradition, it works but it's version is currently
0.1 (I know... but if you add all the version numbers of my
software, you get at least something like 2.x ;)

The safety of the Fish relies solely on the password. It comes with
the source code, the Blowfish algorithm is known and I'll also add
more implementation details to the web site later. So there's no
security by obscurity. Notes encrypted by the Fish are virtually
uncrackable, so don't lose your password. There are no backdoors!

The only security hole that exists currently is that sensitive
memory is not wiped out directly after use (e.g. the decryption
key). This will only matter if somebody grabs the Newton from you
right after encrypting or decrypting a note and has some very good
hacking skills and some luck. The next version will take care of

You can download the Fish from http://40hz.org/TheFish/.

Happy encrypting,


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