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From: Mark Ross (
Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 11:08:13 EDT

For those who are interested, NuShield now carries Klear Screen wipers
which are terrific products for cleaning all kinds of display screens and
optics. Apple even recommends them:

"How to Clean an LCD Panel" - AppleCare Knowledge Base:
Document Article ID: 60446, Modified: 5/30/01

>As the owner (or former owner) of several apple laptops, both ibooks and
>powerbooks (and unfortunately one Toshiba) I recommend you look into a
>screen protector like the ones at Other world computing. The grease from
>your fingers has a tendency to build up on the keys and is easily
>transferred to the screen giving you a smudgy screen which is especially
>distracting under certain lighting conditions. I've tried all kinds of
>screen cleaners with only minor improvement (be careful what you put on your
>screen to clean it, alcohol wipes are definitely out). OWC sells a thin
>leather sheet you place over your keys before closing the lid. I currently
>use a piece of white paper which has helped. When I get around to buying
>that new G4 powerbook (the 1 MHz model I hope will be out this summer) I
>think I'll invest in a keyboard cover. By the way, MacOS X does seem to run
>much faster on a 500 MHz pismo than a 500 or 600 MHz ibook. The bus speed
>difference is really evident as both of these models are G3 processors.

Mark Ross

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