Re: [NTLK] [ANN] The Fish (Notes encrypter)

From: Eckhart Koeppen (
Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 11:36:09 EDT

On Saturday, June 15, 2002, at 06:00 AM, Stainless Steel Rat wrote:
> Why LGPL instead of GPL? You aren't distributing a library or
> similar. If
> you can put it under the GPL then you should.

With most of my stuff, the idea is that if anybody would like to
use the features of the programs in a commercial or shareware app,
he's free to do so. It's pretty simple to do on a Newton as all the
packages are accessible from each other, e.g. getting to the
Blowfish part of the Fish is really simple.

> I get -48009 errors when trying to encrypt several notes at once.
> Guess
> that is not allowed? Batch encryption and decryption is useful at
> times
> (experience with SMB Secret).

Too bad... but maybe I was too optimistic that the
NewtApp/Stationery framework would do this for me. Anyway it's
probably easy to add. On the other hand, I perfer to keep things
together in one Note, that's why I added the Password List

> I also regularly get -48204 errors when decrypting notes. This
> may be a
> Notes extension conflict.

Perhaps. But could you try to reproduce that with BugTrap enabled?
It saves a nice error report to Notes which you could send me...


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