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Date: Sat Jun 15 2002 - 23:43:23 EDT

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>Now if we do it all 21st centure, you'd get out your 3D object scanner,
>then your 3D modeling software and finish up what the scanner dragged in
>from looking at the original battery, after which you insert a block of
>solid steel into a small hole and after a few minutes and some rumbling,
>the finished product drops out of the slot in the bottom.

Actually, you're not too far off track. The 3D scanners and moulding=20
machines actually exist right now. They just cost an arm and a leg, not to=20
mention your firstborn, and are found in industrial settings due to their=20
cost, size and weight. They are essentially 3D printers which use a plastic=
material in powder form as raw material and a "binder" solution to set the=20
powder. See for more details (click on "Product=20
Information" in the side menu and then click on "the build process"). There=20
are also 3D milling machines. See for=20
more details.

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