Re: [NTLK] Is "Newton Print Pack Cable" 1.0 or 2.0?

From: Ola Hansen (
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 13:50:57 EDT

I have this cable, on the box it says "Print Pack" H0015LL/A

On the back of the box: "This cable contains a chip and software that allow
you to print using any of more than 900 different printers"

But I'm using it with PP 2.0, works OK!

>New Cable and Software Delivery Method
>Newton Print Pack version 1.0 used a special serial to parallel converter
>cable -- with embedded software -- to automatically install the Newton
>Print Pack software on to a Newton MessagePad or eMate. Newton Print Pack
>version 2.0 uses a modified serial to parallel converter cable -- which
>does not have any embedded software. Installation of Newton Print Pack 2.0
>software is performed via a Macintosh or Windows serial connection, using
>either the Newton Connection Utilities or Newton Backup Utility
>Users who are obtaining Newton Print Pack 2.0 as a software-only upgrade
>to Newton Print Pack 1.0 can use the same serial to parallel converter
>cable that was originally packaged with Newton Print Pack 1.0. The version
>1.0 cable will not overwrite your installed version 2.0 software, when you
>connect it to your Newton serial port.
>Customers who are obtaining Newton Print Pack 2.0 as a full software and
>hardware package will possess the modified serial to parallel converter
>cable -- which does not contain embedded software.

> I've got a print pack cable that just says "Newton Print Pack Cable"
>on it (FCC ID KBVSPC1, small number at bottom 590-0942). Is this 1.0 or
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