Re: [NTLK] [Slightly OT] Apple Laptops - <sigh> system performance

From: Peter Cameron (
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 14:40:13 EDT

on 6/16/02 1:52 PM, Jim Witte at wrote:

> I've got a 400MHz iMac DV+ with 640 MB RAM, and 10.1.3 is okay. I had
> 10.1.5 installed yesterday (before I reinstalled) and it seemed a little
> slower (read probably more memory hungry). <sigh> I can *just barely*
> remember when the MacOS would fit on an 400K disk - with applications
> too! I can clearly remember when System 6 or 7 would only report system
> memory usage of under 6MB, and the system folder was under 70 MB.. I
> guess those days are just gone.. The NeXT cube only had 68030
> processors for God's sake, and under 64MB of RAM. How did we get from
> that (which was a snappy GUI as I recall) to this monstrosity that's
> MacOS X?

    I have a PowerBook 100 running 7.5.3 and the OS takes up a little under
1,800K of the 6MB of memory. Now, with the Mac 128 I can keep the OS,
MacWrite and MacPaint all on a 400K floppy with room left for data (but
that's what the 400K external floppy drive is for).


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