Re: [NTLK] Reset app / -10061

From: Jon Glass (
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 16:48:27 EDT

on 6/16/02 7:43 PM, Jim Witte at wrote:

> I've heard so much about this Reset App, where can I find it (does it
> just call the restart function [forget off the top of my head what it's
> called], or does it do something more nasty that forces a reset like a
> stack overflow, messing with system pointers from C++, etc..

Has anybody gotten this little app off their Newton? I mailed it to myself,
and it's sitting on my Mac as a package file, but I've not tried
reinstalling it to see if it works. Anybody want to try it? I can mail it to
you if you want it, although it might be on UNNA by now. I think I mailed it
to somebody to put there...

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