Re: [NTLK] Hiroshi's Driver

From: Darius Zendeh (
Date: Sun Jun 16 2002 - 19:32:32 EDT

Dear Gregory, the final driver is called: "802.11b WaveLAN" and you can register it, using either the setup-button of the driver, as you insert the card, or using the built-in package called "Card" or through your owner-info. Delete (or at least freeze) the other driver (the alpha 2) you have installed. If you were successful, you should find the "i"-button and the registration-menu in the setup of the driver.

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>I can't figure out how to enter the reg code for the driver. I know
>I'll probably feel silly once it's pointed out to me. In Hiroshi's email
>he says "Please enter the above in the register slip.
>The register slip will be displayed when tapping "info" button and
>choosing "register".
>Well there is two pkg's loaded 802.11b wavelan and LucentWaveLANa2 both
>in extensions
>tapping the first one shows the pkg. info, the latter nothing.

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