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From: Jon Glass (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 02:18:12 EDT

on 6/17/02 1:52 AM, Frank Gruendel at wrote:

> As an educated guess I would think this is both a hardware and a software
> problem. The problem is definitely caused by either a bad connection inside
> the printed circuit board (very likely) or a bad soldering joint (very
> unlikely as I have checked many boards with this defect scrutinizingly under a
> microscope). This hardware defect causes the shutdown. I think it doesn't
> cause *hardware* to shut down, but its existence makes the software think that
> something is wrong and shut down the system. Again, this is a guess, but I
> have had 130's that always finished loading the OS before they shut down.
> Usually you can (slightly) reduce this defect if you raise the part of the pcb
> to the right of the battery compartment (where the black power cable and the
> two pin ribbon cable is). Do not raise it more than 1-2 mm, though, otherwise
> you'd tear the ribbon cable, it is fastened to the bottom of the case.

And you get the "Power interrupted" message? I also have been suspecting
both a hardware and software problem, as it does wait until a "lull" in the
startup activity. I also discovered that we could get the Newton to stay on,
but if I twisted it, it would shut off. Like you, I think that something is
telling the Newton that it is without power, when this isn't true. :-)

However, Artur did something that he told me about afterwards. I had asked
him not to do it, but he did it, and it worked. He has effectively bypassed
that little board. It no longer receives power via the plug input, but the
Newton does charge and receive power via the charging stand. I'm not really
clear what exactly he did, but he does have it working. I tried the twisting
and banging things to make it shut off, but it doesn't. I figured that,
since the Newton is really picky about power, that it wouldn't work, but it
did work...

-Jon Glass
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