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From: Robert Benschop (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 07:47:01 EDT

on 27-02-2002 5:20, Jeremy Bond Shepherd at wrote:

> He sent me a beta version of a program he
> had been working on to solve that problem. It was a DIL (Desktop
> Integration Libraries)-based backup program for the Macintosh. It had
> working backup and restore capabilities -- it worked just fine on my
> Newton where NCU would always plague me with -1 communication errors.
> Flash forward to 2002. I've continued merrily using 1.0b4, the last
> version Bob provided. It still works fine under Classic, backing up
> and restoring via Appletalk with no -1 errors. After our recent
> discussions about the problems with NCU backups I just realized that
> I have never seen the software actually get released. I don't see it
> on UNNA, and nothing comes up in Google under either the program name
> or the last known e-mail address for the developer.
> I wrote an e-mail to the developer asking for permission to post it
> to UNNA, but the e-mail bounced, so presumably "Bob"'s AOL account
> was terminated in the 4 years since I last heard from him.

Hello Jeremy,

I was wondering if you ever heard something of Bob since posting this.

In case you didn't don't you think that it would be a good idea to release
it to the community (or was this done already ?)

Would make sense to think that if Bob disappeared into thin air that he
wouldn't worry too much about an app for a platform for which he's not
developing anymore in the first place...

Robert Benschop

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