[NTLK] Networking problems

From: Jeff Knackstedt (jeffknackstedt_at_yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 18:28:34 EDT

I have a few networking questions. First off, does anyone know of any
good utilities for dignosing/troubleshooting network problems? I am
looking to use my Newt to troubleshoot data connections at work and I need
to be able to determine if a data jack is active...the ability to browse
our appletalk network would be great as well. Any info or links woiuld be
much appreciated.

Now, before I can use any utilities I have a problem I need to solve. I
cannot seem to maintain a stable network connection with my Newt. Using
the Dock utility, I try to connect to my G3 to use NCU. It works about
50% of the time...usually the first time nothing will happen and no
Appletalk zones will appear. Then I will simply click the X and try again
and it works. If I don't choose my computer but instead hit the X, then
try again, it can't find any zones. This cycle repeats itself seemingly
indefinitely. It's pretty consistant; one time it works, the next it
doesn't, but occasionally I have to reboot the Newt because it doesn't
work at all. The same thing happens with TCP/IP apps, like Nethopper and
NewtsCape. I have tried different network cables, different data jacks,
and even different network cards (one WaveLan and one Ethernet), and tried
the cards successfully in another computer, so I think the problem is the
Newt. Anyone have any ideas? I have a 2100 upgrade, running system 2.1
(717260), a 3Com 3cxe589et ethernet card, Lucent Silver WaveLan, NIE 2.0,
WaveLan driver 1.0.2, the 3Com driver I downloaded from the CHUMA website;
I think I am doing everything right but just can't figure out. Thanks in
advance for any help you can offer!

Jeff Knackstedt
Information Technology System Specialist III
Central Washington University

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