Re: [NTLK] E-bay: Newton

From: Jesse Garnier (
Date: Mon Jun 17 2002 - 19:25:21 EDT

Sumit Roy wrote not long ago (6/17/02 7:03 PM):

> Would appreciate some feedback about Varietyshop. It is offering Newton
> 21000s on E-bay, with a 28 MB (??) RAM card?

They've been discussed heavily on the list. Here are a couple of search

I remember both good and bad experiences from posts here. VarietyShop/
PhillyDiscounters sold a lot of Newtons a few months back when a large
number were apparently liquidated. I wouldn't be surprised if the quality on
that bulk purchase dropped as they "moved merchandise," since they probably
sold higher-quality ones first. But that's speculation on my part.

Maybe this is a new batch; I've read here about auctions of large lots of
MP2x00s recently.



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