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on 6/18/02 3:00 AM, Johannes Wolf at wrote:

> I do not remeber the position of the switch exactly since I gave my MP120 to
> my brother.
> It is a black, squared head button located right between two cells on the
> bottom of the battery compartment.
> The trick is, that this button is pressed down only in case you insert the
> rechargeable battery pack which has the counterpart to press the button
> down.
> As soon as you insert normal R6 cells or batteries the button is not pressed
> down.
> If you insert a thin plastic sheet or something like that the cells will
> hold it down on both sides and in the middle the sheet will press down the
> button.
> Johannes
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>> Hi Johannes,
>> I went looking in my MP 120 and couldn't find the switch you speak of.
>> Can you direct me a bit further?
>> Thanks,

To clarify further, the black, square-headed button is between where the
middle two cells would go if you were just putting ordinary batteries in.
The rechargeable battery pack just consists of four cells held together as a
single unit by being sandwiched between two sheets of stiff material. This
material depresses this button when the battery pack is in place.

Anything you can put down prior to putting individual cells into the Newt
and which will hold this button down, will trick the Newt into thinking
there's a rechargeable battery pack in place.

- Eric.


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