[NTLK] Groovy uk based Newt 2000>2100 for sale plus lots of kit for sale

From: Arthur Battram (apb_at_cityplex.demon.co.uk)
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 12:03:13 EDT

OK finally, I'm having to let the Newt go, so long as the price is right.

Iım in the UK so bear that in mind re the deal.

I now have an iBook 600 and it makes no sense lugging 'em both, and synching
is a pain. So I've ordered a handspring visor deluxe in a sale.

I love my newt, but it's now on sale.

Condition - well the casing is a bit worn - I bought it in 97. It has a
missing door catch thing off the back and a bit broken off the door near the
hinge [my idiot step son fiddled with it, disconnected the door the dropped
the door [not the newt] on to concrete. In place the paint is worn off.
But, importantly there are only 2 small scratches on the screen, because I
always use 'the barrier' screen protectors.

So the full deal is, but I'm open to sensible offers:

* Newt 2100 [upgraded mp2000]
* 16 mb card - works perfectly, used for extra apps n backup]
* 2 0f 2 mb cards [1 official apple other an intel ]
* 33k modem usrobotics with groovy x-jack
* Newton Keyboard in its case
* Lotsa shareware/freeware: i
> * ncluding 'more info'
> * landware's merlin thesaurus
> * and word sleuth dictionary,
> * 'mobile backup' for flawless easy backup
> * etcetera
* Newt briefcase ­ this is the upmarket heavy black leather executive one
with velcro holders for keyboard, newt, mobile phone plus pockets for files
and big external pocket and carry strap and handle ­ rare item. Barrier
screen protectors ­ a few of
* 2 of the little brick connector dongles
* PC lead,
* Mac serial lead
* mains recharger/Power unit
* 2 rechargeable batteries [showing their age, one dodgy other one good]
* AA battery cage
* Lotsa manuals
* CDs including Quick figure, works, newton shareware
* Original box.

Interested? Call or email

Best wishes,

... APB...

UK phones so +44, delete leading 0

01629 733100
07771 740471

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