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From: William S. Preissner (
Date: Tue Jun 18 2002 - 13:51:53 EDT

Indeed, the iBook phenomenon in schools is something to watch. Here in
Henrico just outside Richmond, Virginia I know kids are still getting used to
them. There's been several big hurdles and obstacles for the school system to
tackle, but things have smoothed out now and I think they will be a success.
I still think that the eMate form factor is a terrific fit for schools sytems
to adopt, and the new Dana from Alphasmart look interesting.

Will Preissner

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>Nice to see someone else from Maine on the list, having just joined it
>the other day myself. I just applied for a job at a school district as
>an IT manager, so if I get the job it'll be interesting to see firsthand
>how these iBooks will hold up. I've had a 500Mhz iBook for the last few
>months myself, and have really enjoyed it despite the lack of processor
>power and RAM I currently 'enjoy'.
>I have an iPaq that'll remain my daily carry once I get my Newton, which
>I just traded my Palm IIIc with someone for. But the Newton has some
>pretty significant advantages that I intend to take advantage of around
>the house, such as trying to get a WiFi connection going with VNC so I
>can control aspects of my network system remotely without having to lug
>the iBook. I'm really thinking a combination of WiFi and VNC can make
>one heck of a remote control system.
>As to input devices, what I'd -like- instead of the iPaq would be one of
>those new Zaurus models with the retractable keyboard cover running
>Linux. Or even one of the new Sony handhelds with the flip screen and
>camera. But if I had that much money, I'd already -have- the job I just
>applied for. :)
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>Being in the state of Maine, where 7th and 8th graders are slowly taking
>delivery of the iBook they will be using, I can say that the
>relationship is VERY clear to me (I work in education research,
>associated with folks like Seymour Papert who are working to make this
>program succeed).
>I happen to have stopped using my Newton at the conferences I go to. It
>used to be my workhorse note taker, with a great mix of writing and
>sketching (when needed) possible, long battery life, and so on. Now,
>though, I use the iBook. With the wake from sleep being so quick, and it
>not needing to be on the whole time, it also lasts a whole day (or
>more). I type faster than I write by hand (the Newton keyboard being too
>damn loud anyway), I don't have to look at what I'm writing, and I get
>more information and side commentary about the presentations noted.
>Sure, it's huge, but in a lap during a session, it works.
>So I've been wondering whether I should head toward a Palm OS system for
>the date/calendar/names features, and keep the iBook for the note-taking
>and longer work (together with having my entire work library with me in
>the process). But I'm sticking with the Newton for now...
>Michael Wittmann
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