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> Robert Benschop ( wrote:
>> Seems to make sense if you take into consideration that one has to charge
>> NiMH batteries in a special charger...
> Hi Robert,
> that's the theory, but in practice, I never had any problems with
> charging NiMHs in my MP120, back then. Now when I got an MP120 again (my
> boss had one lying around, unused since 1996, and thought I could make
> more use of it than he did), I tossed in some high-capacity NiMH cells
> and had no problems at all charging them inside the Newton. No
> overheating, nothing.
> - Michael

As I understand it, the differing battery chemistries necessitate different
'charging profiles', i.e., voltage &/or current versus time. By charging
NiMHs in the Newt, you're either under- or over-charging the cells. By
running the reverse reaction (charging) either short of or beyond the
completion point, I suspect that byproducts could be left over which, over
time, will change the amount of resistance in the cell (or at least the
degree to which the cell heats up due to the normal ohmic heating).

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