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Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 11:56:01 EDT

> About 7 years ago I was walking out my front door carrying a pair of
>binoculars. Suddenly, boom, boom, boom, boom...4 sonic booms in a row. I
>looked west and saw a very high altitude dot that rapidly went over the
>horizon. Following it was a faint, odd looking contrail looking like this:
>....0......0.....0......0.....0.....0...... Big puffs separated by thin
>wisps. I believe I saw what you're talking about
> I believe that Avaition Week referred to the strange contrail and theorized
>it was a result of a PDE (pulse detonation engine, not PDA). It even had a
>photo of the contrail you referenced.[1]

That's the famous "donuts on a rope" photo, which is purported
evidence of the existence of Project Aurora, the supposed SR-71
replacement. The same photo has been featured in a History Channel
(or was it Discovery Channel?) program about the development of spy
planes or Area 51 or something (Area 51, aka the Groom Lake Facility,
was where the Lockheed U2, SR-71, and F-119 were tested during

(Other evidence mentioned in several sources is a series of sonic
booms that set off seismographs in California; due to the shock wave
pattern it was determined they were definitely sonic booms, but did
not match any known aircraft -- and they always occurred at a very
regular time, like 8am Thursday mornings or something.)

I'm curious though -- what does this have to do with Newtons? :) (I
just joined the list, so missed the first part of the conversation.)


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