[NTLK] Vector-based drawing program for Windows 2000

From: Mietek (mietek_at_icpnet.pl)
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 12:46:29 EDT

From: bcantley <bcantley_at_fullerton.edu>

>I am trying to find a vector program that will allow me to draw
>"freehand" straight lines without having to constantly click on a
>menu/panel to stop/start a line [as one has to do with Illustrator 9]-
>looking for something incredibly as simple as Windows Paint or Mac Paint
>but vector based.

    Funnily enough, I'd suggest Macromedia FreeHand. Flash also supports
freehand drawing, with even more paint-like options. I'm sure there are
also plenty of shareware tools.

--  Mietek Bak
--  <mietek_at_icpnet.pl>

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