Re: [NTLK] 28 2100s

From: Russ Bravo (
Date: Mon Aug 27 1956 - 16:27:18 EDT

Yes, those 2100s were very tempting. I dashed back from a day away to
see where things had got to, but didn't have the nerve to bung a
major bid in at the end. Should have pitched 1,000 GB pounds and had
done with it, really.

It would be nice to think us Newtontalkers could band together on any
future occasion, except job lots of 2100s are pretty darn rare on
eBay, at least in my pretty limited experience. If anyone has
contacts with clearance companies who tend to get these when they are
going, maybe we could form a small bidding group and split the cost
and the items.

only thing that held me back on this was the detail on condition of
the Newts was a little sketchy, and the guy said they didn't have
time to test them but "they seemed to be working OK". There were also
31, not 28, apparently, but only 16 styli. It's possible the winning
bidder may have quite a few duff Newts on his hands.

And I'm not wishing that, by any means ... ;)

Russ, UK

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