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From: Jon Glass (
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 15:44:45 EDT

on 6/19/02 7:08 PM, machula at wrote:

> Even if we don't have them, we take the liberty of stealing the rights.
> We also have duties, or obligations towards nature, the planet, other
> monkeys, etc...

I hate to ask it, but since you said it, you have opened yourself to it. :-)
But, by what standard, or what law, or on what basis do you make such a
statement? I mean, I don't see the lion worrying about the rights of the
antelope she is chasing down. That antelope has no rights when it comes to
the lion's survival. (BTW, it would be interesting to see someone try to
make the lion respect the rights of her prey.) :-) When locusts come and
decimate an area of land, eating it up, or when the deer destroy a woods in
the winter, because all of their food is buried under the snow, and they eat
the bark off all the trees, killing them, the local environment doesn't have
any rights. Besides, what about other animals' obligations toward us? What
about "other" monkeys' obligations to us? There is not an animal on this
earth that respects the rights of other animals. We humans are the only ones
on this earth who do that. Why do you make humans the exception? What is
your basis for this? Why are humans treated differently? I'm sorry but what
you said is inconsistent, and doesn't have any basis in the reality you are

(Now, if you can make this Newton-related you get double points for your
answer, what ever it is.) :-)

-Jon Glass
Krakow, Poland
"Government is not reason; it is not eloquence; it is force! Like fire, it
is a dangerous servant and a fearful master."
     --George Washington, first president of the USA

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