[NTLK] Screen size and resolution

From: Larrie Easterly (larrie_at_larrie.com)
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 17:47:39 EDT

I am in the process of creating a graphic for a Newton Book I am putting
together and got stumped on figuring out the size and resolution of the
Newton screen. My graphic program, Fireworks, wants me to put in both the
physical size and resolution of the image.

The FAQ lists the screen size as 480x320 but does not give the physical size
of the screen or the DPI of the screen.

Measuring the screen with a ruler comes out with about 5x3-5/16. Doing the
math shows 480/5 = 96DPI while 320/3.3125 = 96.6DPI. Is 96DPI the correct
screen resolution?

Larrie Easterly

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