[NTLK] Battery cages

From: Diana Oakley (dianajoakley_at_highstream.net)
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 22:05:02 EDT

Okay, I have a burning question I've been trying to figure out for about
six months by lurking and reading FAQs:

Around the turn of the year I was at a computer reseller in the Seattle, WA.
, USA, area. They had a huge bin of little plastic parts that were for the
Newton that looked like they held four batteries. "Apple" and "Newton"
were on the package labels, and the sign said "For Apple Newtons." The
cost was a dollar each.

Being a former MP 100 owner and a current MP 130 owner, I know it wasn't
for those models. What model takes something like that?

Recently making the connection to what I saw at the store, I've also been
wondering about the battery situation for the 2000 and 2100. Are these
models different from the 130 in that rechargeables cannot be installed and
charged in them?

TIA for responses.


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