Re: [NTLK] Battery cages (and medical software request)

From: James Mackey (
Date: Wed Jun 19 2002 - 23:32:37 EDT


I would be interested in a 2000/2100 battery tray (since you mentioned it),
in case someone has a spare they would be willing to part with. I have a
post-nuclear holocaust stockpile of brand new NiMH batteries, and would
consider giving one up in a partial trade.

And if anyone has any GOOD medical software (instead of trashy demos),
e-mailme directly so we can work a deal. Caduceus ERG or an equivalent would
be nice. Maybe a prescription-writing program that would let me beam to an
HPprinter? That would be sexy.


>From: Diana Oakley >Reply-To: >To: >Subject: [NTLK] Battery cages >Date: Wed, 19 Jun
2002 19:05:02 -0700 >>Okay, I have a burning question I've been trying to
figure out for about >six months by lurking and reading FAQs: >>Around the
turn of the year I was at a computer reseller in the Seattle, WA. >, USA,
area. They had a huge bin of little plastic parts that were for the >Newton
that looked like they held four batteries. "Apple" and "Newton" >were on the
package labels, and the sign said "For Apple Newtons." The >cost was a
dollareach. >>Being a former MP 100 owner and a current MP 130 owner, I know
it wasn't >for those models. What model takes something like that?
>>Recentlymaking the connection to what I saw at the store, I've also been
>wondering about the battery situation for the 2000 and 2100. Are these
>models different from the 130 in that rechargeables cannot be installed and
>charged in them? >>TIA for responses. >>Diana >>>If you are not living on
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