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From: Heiko Cultus (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 04:28:01 EDT

Take a look at


Gon=E7alo Miguel wrote:
> I recently bought a Newton H1000 from a person who didn=3DB9t had nothi=
ng to
> connect de Newton to the desktop of the Mac. I already have bin to the =
> and find some software like NCU and NBU but, nether works. I simple can=
> put the Newton to comunicate whit the desktop. Them i read that the New=
> Connection Kit (NOS 1.x) could work but when a link to the Mac version:
> its say that it can find the
> server.
> Could you help me find this software, or another that work whit my Newt=
> Tanks
> Gon=3DE7alo Miguel

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