Re: [NTLK] AW: AW: 28 2100s!

From: Chris Searles (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 08:44:47 EDT

>>Okay, we will see next stammtisch then. If he he carries a heap of newts =
>>the garden, he must be the one.
>What is stammtisch?

"Stammtisch" is that institution peculiar to Germany, where a certain
group of people reserve a table at a local pub/restaurant for meeting
regularly to drink beer, discuss politics, and play cards (usually in
that order). It sometimes also carries the negative connotation of being
a major source of reactionary ideology in Germany, since its members are
usually made up of conservative men who believe that the views expressed
under the influence of alcohol are eternal truths. (Germans being the
seekers of "eternal truths".) The best historical example of this is
probably the Bierhaus Putsch (=3Dcoup attempt) in Munich in 1923 during
which Hitler first tried to acceed to power by force, taking advantage of
his followers organized around "Stammtische".

The NUG in D=FCsseldorf, Germany of course shares none of these traditions.=
If we do talk about politics, it's about why Apple killed the Newt. ;-)

Chris Searles (curious to see how Matze will define "Stammtisch")

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