[NTLK] Vector Based drawing programs

From: bryan cantley (bcantley_at_fullerton.edu)
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 11:16:22 EDT

Hey Woo-
Don't get me wrong, I use the Newt for a COMPLETELY different type of
agenda, my daily love! I use the Fujistu [ i LOVE pen tablets!] for a
hybrid drawings scenario [see my website under "experimental -
Digital Paper"] to see what I mean.

How much for the QBE?

Anyway, back to the topic- Thanx for the suggestion for Open Office.
Unfortunately, one must reset the line tool each time one wants to
draw the line, which is the same thing Illustrator demands. I'm
trying to find one that [Like Windows/MAc paint], will allow free use
of the line tool sans re-selecting the tool each time.


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