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From: Radovan Biciste (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 11:44:25 EDT

we have mix of PCs and Macs in our office using older Apple Airport
BaseStation. Please avoid this model and be sure if you'll go for Apple
Airport Basestation to buy current snow model. Older is graphite.
Problem is in drivers for PC. Any of cards we have in PCs do not support
encryption lower than 128 bit. Older BaseStation supports encryption
upto 80? bits. We have to run without encryption!!!

>Hi all,
>I'm about to buy a notebook (non-Apple :-( for my daughter and the one
>found so far had the 802.11b option. What exactly does this mean an
what is
>required to get this notebook connected wirelessly to my
>AppleTalk/TCP/IP/Dave-running home network? Could I install an Airport or
>wireless LAN access point for the notebook and use this with the Newton as
>well? Has anyone done this and is it worth the effort? I already got
>ethernet wires in nearly each room of our house.
>With best regards / Viele Gruesse
>Marco Mailand

The short answer is yes. The 802.11b standard is across all platforms
for wireless ethernet. You can purchase an Airport or one of the
wireless (and less expensive) LAN access point devices. There is an
article on this subject in the latest issue of MacWorld, probably
available online. As for connecting the Newton, there is the new drivers
from Hiroshi that have been getting a lot of discussion on this board,
lately. We have a mixed wired ethernet, Airport network at my home (all
Macs) that works quite well. I'm unfamiliar with Windows networking
issues, but someone else on this list (Ed?) I'm sure can walk you through
those issues.

Mark Ross

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