[NTLK] Battery cage URL

From: Diana Oakley (dianajoakley_at_highstream.net)
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 15:12:32 EDT

I found the URL for this place: http://www.repc.com/
Click the Online store image and then type Newton in the search engine.
The info given is that the cages are for the original Newton (sorry to get
hopes up!). The people at the store were not able to give this information
when I asked about it: "What's a Newton?" I do know that they had a
couple huge boxes full of them.

They also have the stylus for the Original MP in stock, $1.00 each.

We bought a great computer, printer, scanner (new) and software from this
place for an awesome price. We had to do follow-up business with them
because a switch went out on the computer and they made good on it. I
would do business with them again, in case anyone is interested.

- Diana

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