Re: [NTLK] FYI - Dongles

From: Peter Cameron (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 16:45:26 EDT

Jeffrey M. Swiger <> wrote:

> when this was put in the system the AUTO
> insertion was not available any more
   If by AUTO you mean the Newt powering on when you insert the dongle, that's a function of the interconnect port which, to be honest, I've never used. If I remember correctly this feature is still available with the SER-001 installed if you use a dongle, but I haven't found a need for the dongle since installing the SER-001.

> it did some strange things..
   The original SER-001 could come loose and stop functioning, but the REV B is screwed in and is unlikely to disconnect except under force that would render the whole Newt junk. The original also was a bit larger and the Newt case could have a bump on the back in some cases.

> Any problems with the SER-001 like this?
   I haven't had any problems with the SER-001 REV B I purchased and just bought a second one for my backup Newt. I've tested the SER-001 with serial and AppleTalk connections to computers, Newton Print Pack, Newton keyboard, serial to infrared AppleTalk adapters, serial inkjet and laser printers and various modems and had ZERO problems.


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