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From: Woo Lee (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 17:39:42 EDT

Didn't match any 'officially' known aircraft...or is it a RAMjet?

This 'OT' started with Sushi's reference to the ANS, a 'little helper' to =
the SR-71(and others?) that was 32K in code size and accurate to 1/10 of a =
mile, it better be since you're going about 'a mile per second' and taking =
pics from 80,000+ ft. I had to ask, 'is there a Newton version'? :-o
>(Other evidence mentioned in several sources is a series of sonic
>booms that set off seismographs in California; due to the shock wave
>pattern it was determined they were definitely sonic booms, but did
>not match any known aircraft -- and they always occurred at a very
>regular time, like 8am Thursday mornings or something.)
>I'm curious though -- what does this have to do with Newtons? :) (I
>just joined the list, so missed the first part of the conversation.)

!ooW %-)
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