Re: [NTLK] Vector-based drawing prog.

From: Woo Lee (
Date: Thu Jun 20 2002 - 17:39:42 EDT

>Yeah...I know what you mean...I've been playing with an iPaq for the last =
week...Nice but little functionality!

I'm scared to drop that little thing.
Functionality comes with BIG price tags. :-P
>The more I play with it, the more I
>appreciate my Newt! Personally...the Clio and Tripad are both not quite =
what is needed.

The Clio/Tripad format would be a great addition to the Newton world just =
as a '3 x 5' Newton-companion would be, *BUT* then I wouldn't really =
another 'OS'. :-o
>I love the way that the Qbe looks and feel that it might actually have

The screen is really nice, the glass over the TFT screen makes pics. and =
jpegs look like a smooth image instead of a 'pix'.
That's why I haven't really tried to sell it.
>I like the ability of "docking" the entire computer then "picking" it up =
when you feel. Away from the keyboard and mouse.

Yeah, it's liberating(Newton Experience). If only the MP21K docking =
station was released before $J 'steved' Newton. :-(
>What's been your experience with the Qbe? Which one do you have?
>web/gadget guru

I got the 12 gb HD 400-Mhz. PII. The smaller =
'cd-drive-in-docking-station' version is still not out.
Four points I like about Qbe...
1. Nice screen.
2. Portrait mode is really nice. Spreadsheets are easier to handle. =
Webpages look more like a newspaper page. Less desktop space used up. =
Feels more like using a Newton in Portrait mode without the high cost of =
LCD monitors that can do this.
3. Battery does last 2+ hours.
4. 'Touch-screen' is fun but not precise. For 'dragging-and-dropping' =
it's great, but for clicking small buttons/boxes I have to use a =
trackball/mouse. Hitting a tiny close-box ten times is NOT fun.
=2E..btw, the 'on-screen' keyboard only works in two apps., seldom used =

I'd rather trade this for an ice-iBook but who wants another unsupported =
platform...(hey, isn't my Newt. a unsupp...nevermind). :-o

!ooW %-)
Pres. of Los Angeles Newton Users Group!

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